Julia's art-about
I am a professional stage designer, graduated from the well-known college V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko School-Studio of Drama (MA in Theatric Arts) at the A. P. Tchekhov Moscow Academic Arts Theatre (MHAT) (www.mhatschool.theatre.ru). I have creative skills and the knowledge of the history styles, costumes, various techniques and technologies as well as the ability to use historic material for various concepts in my works as a costume designer for both movies (Don't worry, Mom, Little Princess at Soyuzkino & M. Gorky State Studio, Grass in a Head, The warm Winds of Ancient Bulgars at MOSFILM,) and theatre (Purification at State Friend's Theatre, Scenes of Married Life at Moscow State Na Pokrovke Theatre, at Wing and Grove Theatre in Chicago) or TV productions ( Vendetta at M. Gorky studio and Swedish Television AB). I finished Estonian Art Institute and Tallinn's Art School. My works (the paintings, the ink drawings) were shown at few personal exhibition and public art shows in Chicagoland. I made the murals in many private residencies of Illinois. The knowledge of the composition and the history of Arts were implemented in books illustrations published in the well-known Russian (www.sovsekretno.ru) and Estonian (www.eepg.org/Estonia/short_d/Koolibri.htm) publishing houses.
The art, as I see it, centered around man, but it was always in dialogue with nature and its most spectacular and prodigious manifestations, like the movement, everyday beauty of a blossoming flower. All my artistic and personal life I was interested in human character and nuances of human interaction with other people and nature. There is the playing with shadow and light to create a movement and tell a story. My intention is to stir up an array of emotions inside the viewer, from peace, to discomfort, from sadness to happiness. My goal as an artist is to express changing view of beauty and harmony. My work offers my projection onto paper or canvas of some symbolic, mythological and ornamented expression of common human being. It is my personal translation from the history of civilizations and personal stories. My paintings represent abstract personages, details and situations. I have particular interest and knowledge of the historical styles, costumes, various techniques and technologies as well as the ability to use historic material for various concepts in work as an illustrator, or costume designer, or in painting murals in architectural objects. Style reconstruction in numerous details, proportions and correlations helps me to discover characters or personages with specific attitudes. All these components complete a vision that comes from seeing and strong emotional feelings. I transform forms taken from reality into fantasy in space with firm structures. European education and work in different countries is strongly connected with amount of various branches of visual arts I work with. My personal joy of perceiving of beauty and changing vision of harmony help me to question the boundaries between the diverse techniques I use and exploring a creative world and an idea of beauty in sophisticated ways. Reproduction of beauties discovered in nature and historical arrangements put a premium on originality, imagination and allusion inherent in my work.